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Cheap divorce – maybe not and here’s why!

Hi. My name’s Andrew Isaacs, thank you for watching the video – I want to talk to you about cheap divorces. I come from Yorkshire, I’ve got a Jewish surname, and all my grandparents are Scottish, so I understand the value of money. There’s a saying in Yorkshire “Can you get owt for nowt?”, Can you get something for paying nothing? Well there is also an old saying in life that “you tend to get what you pay for”, and unfortunately that really applies to cheap divorces. If you go online what you’ll find is a multitude of websites. Some of them are lawyer. Some of them are not. Most of them probably are not. I am not an expert on whether or not they are the best or whatever, but what I can say is that you’ve got to make your decision as to what is right for you. And if what is right for you is a divorce conducted that way then you make that decision. What you may find is that you have delays. You may find that you haven’t ticked certain things. And you may find that if you make that mistake then you are then prejudiced and it may be something that can’t be corrected. I’ve recently been involved in cases where certain boxes were not ticked by litigants in person and maintenance orders that were made, I was able to successfully argue were not made within the court’s jurisdiction and so had to be set aside. And my client was in a very good position accordingly. So what you have to do is really take legal advice. I would strongly suggest that whatever petition you file and whoever you file it with and whoever you use just get it checked out by somebody like myself to make sure that you have done it all right.


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