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Expats and Divorce, How does it work and how we can help?

I want to talk to you today about expats, right. And what I mean by that is British citizens who are not living in Britain, they’re living elsewhere. Unfortunately marriage breakdown happens to everybody wherever they live – whether they live in England or live in China. I am not saying that every marriage ends in divorce. Of course it doesn’t. But when that happens and you’re living abroad, what do you do? You need representation. We regularly act for people who live abroad. And you’re going to say “Well how do you get instructions Andrew?” And the answer is quite easy. I have an iPad, we’ve got computers, and more importantly – quite apart from the telephone – we can Skype or Facetime. So what happens is that we arrange to see clients and we have online meetings. It’s not as good as being across the table, but it’s certainly better than just a telephone call. And you do need to have a relationship with your lawyer. It’s not something you can deal with by post. We’re talking about your future, and your future is not something you should just lightly entrust to anybody. You’ve got to make sure you’re with the right person.

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