Why I love Being A Divorce lawyer

Hi. My name’s Andrew Isaacs. I am a divorce lawyer, and thank you for watching this video. The video is to tell you why I love doing what I do. And I do mean that – I do love doing what I do. I’ve been asked, “Surely you’ve got the most horrible job in the world? You deal with people who are very depressed, very unhappy, and why on earth do you do it?” To which my answer is “Well, I can help them”. And I can. And I do. And I take people who come to me and they’re right down there, and I see them walk tall. And I know that I’ve had something to do with that and that is very rewarding and it makes me happy. I think we should all be happy in life. It’s important that you do a job that makes you happy. And my job is helping people. I have to fight for them at times.



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